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7 Boba Gift Ideas for Bubble Tea Lovers | The Ultimate Bubble Tea Gift Guide

Do you know a bubble tea lover and want the perfect gift for them? What better gift is there than an adorable boba tea plant pot, a card game for boba lovers, or the squishiest boba plushy ever. These are some of our favorite bubble tea gift ideas we have created and found!

Boba Bub Bubble Tea Plushies

$34.99 at Boba Blast Games

Boggy and Pandora the Boba Bubs are the squishiest, cuddliest, and cutest boba plushies you'll ever meet. Based on the Boba Blast the card game, Boggy is a matcha tea boba and comes with his BOGO coupon plushy to bring along on all his food adventures. Pandora is a passionfruit tea boba and comes with a passionfruit plushy and holds a heart to share her love and boba with others.

boba plushies the whale tea

Boba Tea Plant Pots

$20.99 at Rumi's Goods on Etsy

Like a lot of people during the pandemic, we took up gardening as a hobby during the pandemic (for better or for worse for our first plants). We wanted to put our plants in cute pots that brought them to life and decided to create our own bubble tea plant pots. These adorable pots make a great home for any plant and come in sizes ranging from 4" - 6".

 bubble tea plant pots

Boba Blast! The Card Game for Boba Lovers

$24.99 at Boba Blast Games

What goes better with boba than a card game to play with your friends? Inspired by our bubble tea plant pots, Boba Blast features adorable boba characters and fun cards like Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Tea, Tip Jar, and Boba Blast! It can be played with 2-8 players and even has punch out stamp tokens to race to be the first to complete your stamp card.

 card game for boba lovers

Make Your Own Bubble Tea Kit

$26.00 at Kassava Co

If you want to give a try at making your own boba but don't want to do everything from scratch the make-your-own boba kit is the gift for you. Choose from a variety of flavors and share the gift of bubble tea with your friends and family.

 bubble tea kit

Bubble Tea Character Stickers

$2.99 at Boba Blast Games

What water bottle or laptop is complete without some stickers to show off what you love, and what better to show off than the cutest bubble tea characters? These stickers feature all the cutest characters from Boba Blast The Card Game for Boba Lovers in a 3" x 3" waterproof and scratch resistant form to give any surface long lasting cuteness.

 bubble tea stickers

Boba Tea Crewneck

$42.00 at BobaMeUp

 Are you looking for the cutest boba tea themed merch that you can wear? Look no further than BobaMeUp's very own Boba Babe One Size Crewneck where you can let everyone know you're a boba babe. The sweater is a cotton polyester blend with embroidered designs on the sleeve and chest.

boba tea t shirt

Boba Candles

$16.50 at AsianBobaGirl on Etsy

Do you love bubble tea so much that you wish you could smell it all the time? Thanks to AsianBobaGirl, you now can light up your room with the wonderful smell of boba whenever you want. Whether it's a classic milk tea, earl gray, or jasmine milk tea, they are sure to have friends and family wondering what that amazing smell is.

 boba tea candle gift

If there's an amazing bubble tea gift idea that you think we missed, send us a message at and we'll look into them!

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