How to Play

Each player should start the game with five cards; two ingredient cards and three action cards. Place the remaining cards facedown in three piles: Boba Bucks, Ingredient Cards, and Action + Character cards. A turn has three primary phases to it:
 Draw Phase
     - Draw one Boba Buck
     - Draw one card from the Action Card deck
 Action Phase
     - Play any action cards you would like for the turn
     - Certain action cards are limited to one use per turn
 Purchase Phase
     - Purchase one Ingredient Card (unless a player uses a BOGO card)
     - Purchase one boba stamp (players are limited to one boba stamp purchase per turn unless using a Golden Honey Boba card)

First one to complete their stamp card wins the game!

Depending on the number of players, we recommend playing for 6-8 stamps.

Boba Buck

Each turn you collect one Boba Buck from the draw pile. These can be used to buy Ingredient Cards which combine into a stamp for your boba stamp card.

Ingredient Cards

There are three different types of Ingredient Cards: Boba, Tea, and Cup. By combining one of each ingredient, you can exchange them for one boba card stamp. These cards are randomized in a separate Ingredient Card deck and can be purchased during the Purchase step of your turn.

Character Cards

Boba Blast! has five unique flavors of boba tea throughout a standard deck. Each Character Card, when played, can be exchanged for one boba stamp. These cards will be present in the Action Card Deck. The following cards are included as character cards:
 Strawberry Milk Tea
 Taro Milk Tea
 Thai Milk Tea
 Passionfruit Tea
 Matcha Tea

A bonus Golden Honey Boba card is included in each deck as well and can be exchanged for two boba card stamps during a player’s Purchase Phase.

Spill the Tea & Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Tea

Spill the Tea:

Prevent a player from creating a boba tea stamp in any of the following scenarios:
 Combining three Ingredient Cards
 Redeeming a Character Card
 Redeeming a Golden Honey Boba card
A player can prevent Spill the Tea with a Don’t Cry Over Spilled Tea card (see card description for more information).

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Tea:

One Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Tea card can be played in defense of a Spill the Tea card. If multiple players use Spill the Tea, the defending player must have an equal amount of Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Tea cards to block them all. This card can be used at any time.
 (I.e. If three different players use Spill the Tea against a player, that player must use three Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Tea cards to redeem their boba tea stamp.)

Front of the Line & Back of the Line

Front of the Line:

Front of the Line allows the player that uses it to repeat their “Draw Phase” and draw an extra Boba Buck and Action Card. Multiple Front of the Line cards can be used per turn. This card does not allow you to purchase additional stamps in the same turn.

Back of the Line:

Back of the Line can be used to select another player to miss a turn. Multiple Back of the Line cards can be used during the same turn and the same player can have skips stacked against them that are applied to consecutive turns.
 (I.e. if a player has three Back of the Line cards used against them, they will miss the next three turns.)

BOGO & Tip Jar


Purchase two random ingredients for the price of one during your “Purchase Phase” when using this card.

Tip Jar:

Collect one Boba Buck from each player that has at least one when playing this card during your “Action Phase”. Only one Tip Jar card may be used per turn.

Ingredient Swap & Boba Blast

Ingredient Swap:

Ingredient Swap can be used during the “Purchase Phase” with three Ingredient Cards to change one of them to a different ingredient in order to redeem a stamp token.
 (I.e. If a player has two Boba ingredients and one Tea ingredient, they can use Ingredient Swap during their “Purchase Phase” along with three Ingredient Cards to redeem a stamp token.
Ingredient Swap can also be used to exchange one of your ingredients from your hand with a random one from the deck.

Boba Blast:

Use this card during your “Action Phase” to collect one random ingredient from each player that has at least one Ingredient Card. Only one Boba Blast may be used per turn.